"Deepened my commitment to the concept of ElderSpirit because it is now "embodied" . I have witnessed if for myself. It is off the page, beyond language, in the mind of my heart."
(Participant in the "Community of Communities" workshop November 2006)
The ElderSpirit Community, Inc. Resource Team works with groups who want to create an intentional community that lives out a spiritual model of aging. The educational program is community-based and builds on the experience of the first ElderSpirit Community in Abingdon, Virginia.

Groups who have requested ElderSpirit Community Resources have the common desire to create an Elder Intentional Community. Some are residential communities either based in new construction or retrofit building complexes. Other groups are establishing membership organizations to support elders who want to age in place through shared services. Some are part of inter-generational communities.

The following groups can be reached through their website or e-mail:

Elderberry Cohousing
Shepherd Village
Sand River Cohousing
Santa Fe, NM


The ElderSpirit Community, Inc. Resource Center offers a team of experienced educators and facilitators in the field of "Aging in Community…with Spirit©."

Click Here For Resource Team

ElderSpirit Community Retreats

The ElderSpirit Community Resource Center sponsors 1-day and weekend retreats both in Abingdon, Virginia and in places where invited. A spiritual model that emphasizes the inherent opportunities for bringing meaning, value and creativity to the aging process is explored. It is a “time set aside” to honor the gifts and challenges of becoming an elder by reflecting about one’s own life, sharing with others and nurturing the spirit within through meditation, journaling, laughing, singing, physical exercise and giving thanks. Participants often leave having experienced the well-being that comes from the companionship and support of a spiritual community.

Autumn Retreat 2018

Responses from 2018 Autumn Retreatants
I received almost total positive regard from other participants and the group leaders. People listened respectfully and were responsive to my input.

The openness of the group and each personal situation of change and choice that is open to us. All opened with compassion within me.

The dedication and thoughtfulness of the leaders of ElderSpirit. It is obvious that the community was built through much effort.

Autumn Retreat 2015 - October 23-24

A Prayer for Forest Dwellers

Holy One, Gentle Spirit, Sacred Presence ~
We thank you for the gift of time, to step away from the ordinariness of life,
To gather with fellow travelers on the journey of life.

We bring with us unique voices, precious memories, similar burdens, and a desire
To let go, be still, and listen to your promptings for our present and future.

We are ready to breathe, to reach, to transform,
To grow, to let go and build up,
To shine, explore new possibilities,
To share life, to relax, focus, be grateful, and consolidate
To accept the unique season of our lives

Grateful for what has gone before, we embrace what is and look
With hope for what is to come.

We are forest dwellers!


Autumn Retreat 2014

“I was inspired by ElderSpirit itself.  The ideas behind it, its purpose.  We are all connected and I would like to live that way.”

“It was helpful to think about giving and receiving support.  This definitely is a ‘growing edge’ for me right now.”

“I need to find more time to be with and see the beauty that is all around me here.  I’ve been here long enough to start taking it for granted.”

Autumn Retreat 2013

“I was inspired to be in a retreat with others my age trying to redefine themselves as they age and to speak what was true for them.”

“I hope to take my increased confidence and greater energy back to my community. I feel refreshed and supported by everyone on this retreat and hope that I can bring them back as I deal with issues that await me at home.”

Spring Retreat 2013

“I was challenged to look into myself and see strengths and weaknesses I want to accept and move.”

“There are enough spiritual resources and intentions to make an impact in our community and beyond if we harness our willingness.”

Autumn Retreat 2012

“There is no reason to be afraid…to let go, to try new things, to step out of comfort zone. Especially in a community that uses Mutual Support, Inner Life and Creativity as core values.”

“I am grateful for the experience and willingness of the ESC folks to share what they have learned and what they have created.”

 Autumn Retreat 2011 - Concentrating alone and together

What did you like best?

"Without a doubt the best part was meeting, talking and interfacing with our new "community." The program content was well thought out and flowed together..."

"The group energy; the leisurely pace; the way you both seemed to take what was happening and go with it (like singing, doing more of it as we did); honoring nature in all her manifestations."

I was inspired by the tree observation; from one base were many large branches each separate. I feel this is my life – can I blend the limbs, cut some off, or …?

I was challenged to see the fall as more than a prelude to a cold, dead, dark winter, rather to experience the life and joy in the “power of letting go”.

Implication for me: Do I have the courage to make meaningful change in my life – really simplifying instead of just getting rid of what I didn’t wear last summer.

Autumn Retreat 2010 Community

Site visit to the ElderSpirit Community in Abingdon including a tour of the building complex. The workshop is tailored to the interests of individuals and groups who want to learn more about the history and life of the community.
The rate for a member of the Resource Team is $300 a day or $40 per hour. Travel and accommodations need to be provided if requesting a workshop on site.

The workshop and retreat prices are negotiable depending on the cost of the facilities. The Resource Team rate remains the same.

Tour of the Building Complex including a short presentation for visiting groups or individuals is $10 per person. A Tour without a presentation is $5.00.

ElderSpirit Community Resource Handbook® price is $30.
"We found this handbook to be most helpful and comprehensive, based on actual pioneering experience…a practical reference and guide." Robert and Irma Howarth ElderSpirit Community of Asheville

ElderSpirit Community Powerpoint Presentation and Discussion Guide - $20

ElderSpirit Community Inc.
120 Elderspirit Ct., Abingdon, VA 24210
(276) 698-3289
E-mail: mappleby@elderspirit.net

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Tools for Building Community Workshop - Oct. 2005
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