"The Development Corporation's contribution is guiding the design, financing, land-use and construction of ElderSpirit Community in Abingdon. Community drives building development."
(Trailview Development Corporation group, Stakeholders Workshop 2005)
Elderspirit Development Corporation

The mission of Elderspirit (formerly Trailview) Development Corporation is to provide co-housing communities of mutual support and late-life spirituality for people 55+ years of age. The goal was to build the structure for an affordable and meaningful alternative lifestyle for older adults.

To date the corporation has built the ElderSpirit Community in Abingdon, Virginia that consists of 29 homes, a common house and a Spirit Center based on CoHousing qualities.

Elderspirit Development Corporation also cooperates with ElderSpirit Community, Inc. to provide coaching and training in the areas of funding and development.

ElderSpirit Development Corporation
125 ElderSpirit Ct.
Abingdon, VA 24210
Phone: (276) 628-8908

Ribbon -Cutting at Dedication June 2006

Description of CoHousing
Cohousing is a type of collaborative housing that attempts to combine autonomy of private dwellings with neighborhood living, and generally has these qualities:
• Resident Management. Residents make decisions of common concern using a group process at community meetings.
• Intentional Neighborhood Design. The physical design facilitates social interaction to encourage community.
• Private Dwellings. Each dwelling contains a kitchen, living-dining room, den, one or two bedrooms & bathroom.
• Common Facilities. A common house, designed to supplement the private living areas, includes a common kitchen, large dining area and office.
• No Common Economy. Each household accepts responsibility for the monthly fee and living expenses.

Further Information

CoHousing Association of the United States


Early Plantings
June 2006
Introductory Workshop Abingdon II
June 2007
The view from the Creeper Trail
Winter 2006
Visiting potential site for Abingdon II
June 2007
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