ElderSpirit Community Residents' Association

First Annual Meeting

Potential Residents of ElderSpirit Community have been meeting and working together for more than three years. During the past year those who have decided to make their home in the Community had the opportunity to make application and be accepted into the Residents Association, after which they made a deposit for either a house to purchase or a rental house. Now their names appear on the dwellings as designated on the Site Map in ElderSpirit office.

On January 11, 2003, the Residents Association held its first Annual Meeting and chose officers: Joan Weingartner, president; Dick Austin, vice-president; Georgia Reedy, Secretary; and Catherine Rumschlag, treasurer. Sixteen people were present at this meeting, and all but one have reserved a dwelling.

The meetings at this time are important for the future of ElderSpirit Community. The people who plan to live as near neighbors, have regular meals together, and cooperate in maintaining the neighborhood in all aspects, need to get to know and trust each other. Much work needs to be done on "Policies, Practices, and Procedures," the primary document that will regulate daily life in the community.

The group will continue to meet once a month, and anyone interested in learning more about the community is welcome to attend.

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