Thanks, Retirement Research Foundation

On behalf of All in ElderSpirit Community

We know that ElderSpirit Community would not be as far along as it is without the predevelopment funding, provided by Retirement Research Foundation (RRF) during the past three years. The major portion of the 3-year grant paid the architect and engineers for their important work. It also provided a staff of two to coordinate all parts of the project and help develop a community of persons who constitute the ElderSpirit Community.

In our final report to the foundation, we look beyond the present project. "Looking back on our experience of the last three years, we now believe that ElderSpirit Communities can be formed wherever a nucleus of older adults interested in their own spiritual growth and development live. In a natural progression, we believe our next phase is to crystallize and disseminate an innovative approach to helping older adults develop 'communities of late life spirituality and mutual support' in a variety of settings."

We are indeed grateful to the Board of RRF for their essential contribution to the realization of the dream of ElderSpirit Community for this original project and for wider dissemination.

2007 ElderSpirit Community®, Inc.