Five Wishes

Five Wishes has been referred to as the first "living will with a heart". An easy-to-use booklet published by Aging With Dignity, Five Wishes is a helpful guide to family members, friends, caregivers and doctors. Included in the Five Wishes are naming a health care agent, specifying the kind of medical treatment, level of comfort desired, ways one wishes to be treated by others and how one wants to be remembered. After it is signed in the presence of 2 witnesses, it is valid under the laws of most states as a living will.

ElderSpirit Community has purchased the Five Wishes Video and makes it available to persons and groups that want to learn more about this valuable tool. If you are interested in ordering the video or forms, call Aging with Dignity at 1-888-594-7337. If you want someone from ElderSpirit to discuss or give a workshop on Five Wishes, call 276-628-8908 or email

Anne Leibig speaking at Annual Meeting of ElderSpirit Community. Drew Leder, Consultant on Spirituality for Elders, seated in picture.

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