"Imagine a Center that would provide a spiritual setting for older adults...an ElderSpirit Center, resonating with traditional associations of "elder" with wisdom, leadership, dignity, and ritual." (Spiritual Community in Later Life, p. 109, 1996)
Welcome to the ElderSpirit Community website & virtual homeplace.

ElderSpirit Community is dedicated to making possible new opportunities for Elders in the 21st Century

Do these values of ElderSpirit Community appeal to you?
• To live in a community of diverse spiritual paths.
• To give and receive support in relationship with neighbors in community.
• To belong to a community who make the decisions on how they will live together.
• To encourage each other to live simply and care for the earth.
• To create and/or share with others in an ElderSpirit-like community.
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ElderSpirit Community (ESC) is essentially a community of mutual support and late-life spirituality that has come to fruition in a mixed-income, co-housing neighborhood in Abingdon, Virginia. New elder communities are learning from each other and the ElderSpirit Community. Click the following links for information about The ElderSpirit Development Corporation and The ElderSpirit Community.
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